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    So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

    UPDATE: Now with more Business.


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  7. Anonymous asked: The fact they're fucking up the Godzilla design isn't actually funny.


    The more you complain the smaller his head becomes!


    I have BIG arms and a LITTLE head! I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through

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    These pics were taken one second apart

    Lightning is REALLY BRIGHT

    That’s the thing though, this isn’t lightning. The photos were both taken in daytime, the right photo being the normal condition. What you’re seeing in the left photo is a darkning strike.

    Darkning is 50,000 times more rare than lightning, in fact most storms will never have a single instance of it. But when static charges between clouds become so energized that the electricity begins to form its own gravity, a black hole like the one created at CERN is briefly formed, sucking up all the light in the area and resulting in a brief “unflash” of darkning.

    Less dangerous than lightning, Darkning lasts for a shorter time and you’d have to be within the event horizon to be harmed by it. Despite thousands a year dying of lightning strikes, only one man has ever been recorded as killed in a darkning strike, and that man was Lewis Caroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, which many historians believe he wrote based on that strange and fatal experience.

    how would his writing be based on an event that killed him? care to explain, liar???

    Firstly, how dare you call me, a fact blog, a liar? Fact blogs on tumblr have been an institution of truth since 1908.

    And I’d be happy to explain- Lewis Carroll often worked as a ghostwriter. Duh…

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    Godzilla 2014 to be released in 2D Black and White

    In a rare studio decision, Legendary Pictures has elected to scrap the 3D and color versions of the new Gareth Edwards film and release it only in 2D Black and White, to better resemble the original film.

    As seen in this new screencap from the new film, the image quality is very different from what modern audiences expect. “It will be controversial, we know that for sure, but from an artistic standpoint we all know this is the right way to go,” said Warner Bros. spokesman and co-owner Brian Warner.

    The decision to downgrade the audio to Monaural instead of Stereo is also a surprise, making Godzilla the first film in 49 years to be released with only a single audio track. The track will be added optically to the film release, another novelty and rarity in this day and age of digital release.

    "Audiences will see cigarette burns once again," said the director of the small corner marks that signal reel changes. "We’re also not going to allow anyone under the age of 60 in the audiences to preserve the retro feel. Only those alive at the time of the original may see the film." This makes Godzilla 2014 the first film to use the MPAA’s new "NC-60" rating, which is expected to cover the upcoming X-Men film as well due to the extremely graphic sentinel sex scenes.

    "You know what, nobody over 60 either," said the director, "Nobody can see it. Fuck all y’all."


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    3SGTE-T TA63 Carina

    16x8.5 SSR Longchamps up front, 17x9 Riverside Stich rears

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    The beauty of a Pit stop…

    What do the middle guys do, they used to refuel the cars and now have no job?

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