2. Anyone wanna play Destiny?

  3. goldenstatebear:


    He really needed to change his air filter omg


    Loooool tell me about it

    Several rodents

  4. He really needed to change his air filter omg

  5. battlestage and me fuckin up the galaxy

  7. omgcreeper:

    Best (…imo)


  8. Update on my Z



    With everything legal, I set out on the road yesterday only to find the transmission making a high pitch whine noise in 3rd and 5th. According to various forums, it could potentially be the rear main bearing which would make sense as none of the gears are acting difficult or grinding. I’m guessing that the impact from the wreck may have jolted the transmission into the driveshaft, pressing on the bearing. Any advice?

    I fucked up a bearing this exact way.

    It’s not overly difficult usually, but idk about a 40 year old Nissan lol

  9. Gamer tag: iTazR

    Send me your gamer tags Destiny player peoples

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    Litter vigilante. [video]

    Loooool that’s good

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  13. All of the yo’s does this receive

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  14. Yo

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  15. Eeeeep x19

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